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How to Make a Sushi


Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese food not just in Japan, but also all over the world. If you’re visiting Japan, not being able to eat this dish is a sin. But don’t worry, you don’t have to hunt for a Japanese restaurant in your place. Making your own sushi is actually not difficult at all. But before we teach you how here are some different types of sushi you might want to try.

Spicy Tuna Roll

A spicy tuna roll is commonly served with either diced or shredded tuna, added with a slight pinch of hot peppers. In restaurants, the spicy sauce is commonly orange, which is really hot.

Tempura Roll

This type of dish allows you to mix two of the most popular Japanese food, the sushi and the tempura. They can be made into ways. One way to serve tempura roll is putting a shrimp tempura (or another type of vegetable tempura) in a nori, or also known as the seaweed paper. The other delicious way is to make the whole roll tempura.

Unagi Sushi

Unagi Sushi is another way to combine two different famous Japanese dishes. Unagi is a type of salt-water eel. For a Unagi Sushi, the unagi is grilled, and coated/ marinated in a sauce of your choosing. If you wonder what it tastes like, it’s tender steak.

Here is how to make a simple but delicious Japanese Sushi:

Main Ingredients:

  1. The topping of your choice (fish, tempura, vegetable, etc.)
  2. Sushi rice ( plain rice cooked with vinegar, salt, and sugar)
  3. Layer sheets of unsalted dried seaweed
  4. Rice Wine Vinegar
  5. Salt
  6. Sugar

If you want, you can also add Wasabi, pickled ginger, or soy sauce.

Steps in Making Sushi:

  1. For the topping, you need to make sure that it’s clean. Vegetables should be properly rinsed.
  2. After which, you can cut them into skinny strips. Same goes for the other types of sushi toppings.
  3. With the rice in a bowl, pour around 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar. You can add more if you want, but don’t put too many at the first time. Mix the rice.
  4. On a bamboo mat, place a layered sheet of seaweed, then spread a suitable amount of rice on top of it. It should be evenly spread out to prevent having empty holes. Dampen the edges with rice vinegar to make it stick together as you roll it. Next, is to put the strips of toppings on top of the rice.
  5. Then, you can slowly roll the bamboo mat to a long roll by folding the bottom 3rd before rolling it up. You can remove your newly-made sushi roll from the mat and cut it, depending how big you want each serving would be.
  6. To make sure they’re cut parallel, you can start by cutting off the middle, taking the half, and cut it again in the center. It’s also a great way to prevent the insides from spilling out of the roll.