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Famous Japanese Dishes

The Japanese have taken over the taste buds of foreigners through their delicious Asian food. They have the most uniquely served dishes that are traditional and delicious at the same time. Here are some of the most famous Japanese foods that aren’t just famous in Japan, but also all around the world.

Sushi. Sushi is very easy to prepare, you simply put a piece of raw fish on rice, seasoned faintly with vinegar.  When you eat a Japanese sushi, you’ll taste different flavors and textures, which is one of the most interesting things about eating this kind of Asia food.

There are many types of sushi, including the hand-formed sushi, rolled sushi, and a sushi rice with a raw fish on top. Even outside the country of Japan, it is the most sough-out Japanese food by both foreigners and the locals.

Rice Bowl. A rice bowl is simply a plain rice placed in a bowl. This dish is commonly served with other Japanese dishes. Some people think that a good Japanese meal is not complete without a bowl of rice.

Rice Balls. Japanese have different ways to serve rice, one of the most common ones is making rice balls. Rice balls are cooked plain rice wrapped in nori seaweed. Sometimes, diners prefer them seasoned with salt, and added with different fillings like pickled plum, dried bonito shavings, and salmon. It is very inexpensive and delicious at the same time.

Ramen. Ramen has become one of the many favorite late night food, not only in Japan but also in different countries, such as the US. With egg noodles in a salty broth, the Japanese have made this originally Chinese cuisine into one of their traditional and delicious foods. Nowadays, there are many ways ramen is made, but some of the most famous ones include pork bone, soy sauce, salt, and miso.

Donburi. A bowl of plain rice topped with another food, Donburi is a famous dish in most Japanese restaurants. The meal toppings can vary, but some of the most popular ones included stewed beef, tempura, chicken and egg, and raw seafood.

Tempura. Who doesn’t love deep-fried dishes? Japan has one of their own, and that is the famous Tempura. This traditional food is made out of batter-coated seafood and vegetables that are fried in deep oil. Tempura is more delicious when you dip it in a small pool of salt, or a saucy broth added with grated radish.

Unagi. This famous Japanese food is made with a river eel grilled on top of charcoal, and then finally coated with glacé barbeque sauce. If you’re visiting Japan and you want to try this traditional meal, then you should go there from May to October where they have freshly-caught unagi from the wild.

Soba. Japanese are known for their delicacies with noodles, one of the most famous is the Soba. It is served with long, thin buckwheat noodles, combined with a delicious soy sauce broth on a bamboo mat with broth as its dipping.