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Hi, I'm Bill C. Sanchez

My name is Bill C. Sanchez, the founder of Blue Fish, a site developed to educate and show you all it takes to prepare and enjoy a Japanese meal. Everyone will think I’m Japanese; surprisingly, I’m from the Philippines who enjoy meals from this part of the continent for many reasons.

When I visited the USA, we happened to be hungry during one of our nightlife outings and needed a place to quench our hunger. Surprisingly, the nearby restaurant only offered a Japanese menu.

With the myths around the cuisines and nasty rumors on what they eat and prepare, we were skeptical about getting in and also taking a meal. One of our friends, who loves exploring new things, pushed us to get in.

The moment we left the restaurant, our thinking about Japanese meals changed. That is how I vowed to educate the public and demystify myths around Japanese meals.


Our mission is to be a number one site in educating readers and culinary lovers on the need to try Japanese meals as part of their menu, whether at home or in restaurants.

We go a step further and provide recipes using available ingredients to enjoy these delicious and tasty meals from the Asian continent.


Our vision is to see many restaurants across the globe preparing at least a Japanese meal on their menu.

Moreover, we want the public to enjoy the health benefits that come with these meals